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We guarantee that your teacher will be:

Key Point A native Spanish speaker with extensive teaching experience

Key Point Energetic, enthusiastic, patient, and strongly passionate about teaching and sharing the Latino culture

Key Point Highly educated and carefully screened and background-checked

Key Point Extensively trained in the science and art of teaching Spanish with our method

Key Point Permanently monitored to guarantee that she performs according to our standard

Key Point Customer-centric and accessible outside of class


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Baltimore MD
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Yaneldis, a fully bilingual Spanish speaker from Cuba, holds a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad de Matanzas in Cuba.

Prior to joining SpanishBlackbelt, Yaneldis, a chemical analyst by profession, passionately taught Spanish classes as a freelance on the side. She carries experience as a Spanish-English translator and interpreter.

Yaneldis currently teaches adults, teens and organizations.

Areas served include: Baltimore City (Inner Harbor), Canton, Charles Village, Fells Point, Harbor East, Harbor Point, Homewood (JHU area), Mount Vernon, Waltherson, Westside Baltimore



We attract and retain the best teachers in by...

Key Point offering them one of the highest salaries in the industry

Key Point including them in our payroll and not keeping them as independent contractors

Key Point offering them benefits

Key Point treating them fairly and with respect

Key Point praising their work and giving them the tools to have a successful career




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Baltimore City (Inner Harbor)   Canton   Harbor East   Harbor Point   Homewood (JHU area)   Westside Baltimore  


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